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On 12-14 March I had a chance to attend EGX Rezzed expo in London at Tobacco Dock. The event was a celebration of some of the greatest indie games.
We’ll have a look at games that grabbed my attention and in most cases I actually had a chance to speak to the developers themselves.

Life is Strange

Absolutely stunning game! A five episode game, that follows adventures of a young teenage girl in a small American town, who apart from dealing with being a bit nerdy and unpopular in high school, has to deal with the fact that she just got powers to reverse time. The game lets you make decisions that will influence the next episodes of the story in big or small way. It gives you this sense of butterfly effect, where every action has meaning and its repercussions. American folksy, acoustic, hipsterish soundtrack is mesmerising. All the textures have this hand-painted, soft feel. Can’t wait to play the whole story! Second episode is out at the moment.

Episode 1 & 2 Out now |  PS4  PS3  Xbox One  Xbox 360 | Square Enix |  DONTNOD Entertainment

Official Website


Storywise it’s a modern reimagining of Robin Hood’s tale. Voice acting talent feature Andy Serkis and Danny Wallace. Central character is Locksley, he doesn’t kill, but he sneaks, distracts, gets where he needs to go. It’s a stealth game with lots of levels to go through. What’s interesting is that the developers have created a level editor and people will be able to create their own levels and share them with the world. I absolutely love the poster and key art for this game. Concept and in-game art are also amazing, particularly the portraits of the characters. Can’t wait to play more of this game!

 2015 |  PS4  PS Vita |  Mike Bithell

Official Website

War for the Overworld

As an Underlord who just woke up from a deep slumber you have a desire for conquest! Build your own dungeon by excavating the underground and building a variety of chambers, that attract different minions who join your cause. Wield a number of powerful spells, perform rituals, all to destroy the good knights and other Underlords that oppose you. The game is basically a Dungeon Tycoon, that has elements of RPG (role-playing game) and RTS (real-time strategy). You can’t really mention this game without mentioning Dungeon Keeper games, as it started as a fan-made Dungeon Keeper 3 title, that after a few incarnations became it’s own thing. I really like the design aspect of the game, how the chambers are designed with a lot of detail and the creatures are really cool. Can’t wait to fully experience this awesome game.

2 April 2015 |  |  Subterranean Games

Official Website

Soul Axiom

This games looks really remarkable! It’s a journey through the world of imagination, so you go through a variety of different wonderful settings. It has elements of fantasy, sci-fi, but in its core it’s a puzzle game. Kind of a Bioshock meets Portal meets Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It has really cool art that’s scattered around as in-game posters and paintings. I’ll be doing a full review of this game at some point.

 2015 |  PS4  Wii U  Xbox One |  Wales Interactive

Official Website

Room Three

Third instalment of a creepy puzzle solving game, now with even longer gameplay, with more and weirder rooms and objects to explore, still with a curious story set in an industrial revolution time and area. It’s a game exclusively on tablets because of its tactile mechanics (although the developers have recently released Room on PC).

 2015 |  |  Fireproof Games

Official Website

SteamWorld Heist

Turn-based game set in SteamWorld, a steampunk robot world set in space. It’s already a third game set in this world, first one was SteamWorld and than SteamWorld Dig. Instead of creating Dig 2, the developers are expanding their universe with different types of games. This game is kind of X-Com: Enemy Unknown in 2D with funny cartoonish robots.

 2015 |  |  Image & Form

Official Website


Really hard, fast-pace, addictive 2D space shooter. It’s a really cool game, it’s all designed in 8-bit, so like old pixelated games. But it feels fresh and awesome. I think they should make it slightly less difficult or at least give you the difficulty option.

 2015 |  Xbox One |  Pixelnest Studio

Official Website

Zombie Vikings

Up to four player (couch or online) co-op hack-and-slash game. Four greatest Viking warriors have been resurrected by Odin, to retrieve his only eye, stolen by Loki. Crazy, funny, over-the-top (in a good way) game. Really cool concept art and posters, and hand painted textures in the whole game.

2015 |   PS4 |  Zoink!

Official Website

De Mambo

This game is the quintessence of indie gaming! Three guys (actually 2 guys and 1 girl) who met at university, have been brought together by their love for creating games. They set up a game dev company The Dangerous Kitchen and made a game (still in the making). De Mambo is a game where it lets up to four players assume control of a ball, and you have to knock other players of the board. It’s a very simple game, but a lot of fun. I’m also really impressed with the logo, which kind a looks like a pixelated face of a mime or a vampire, can’t decide.

Winter 2015/2016 | PS Vita  PS3  PS4 |  The Dangerous Kitchen

Official Website

So here it is, now a full round up of my picks from EGX Rezzed 2015. If you haven’t yet, check out part 1 of Game Highlights. There were many more games on display at this event and most of them looked brilliant, but I had to decide what I’m most excited about. And also I simply just didn’t have a chance to play some of them.

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