I’m passionate about video games and as a designer I can’t help but look at them from a visual point of view.
They’re my windows to other dimensions.
Here is my space where I write about my adventures and finds.

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Dishonored Typefaces

Dishonored Typefaces

Dishonored 2 | UI Fonts

Book of Karnaca

Book of Karnaca

Dishonored 2 | Narrative Video

Slash / Smash / Shoot-‘Em-Ups

Slash / Smash / Shoot-‘Em-Ups

EGX Rezzed 2016 | Games Highlights

Espionage, Diplomacy and Tough Decisions

Espionage, Diplomacy and Tough Decisions

Interview with Creative Director on Sigma Theory

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news & info on upcoming games


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my finds of artistic genius in games

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focus on interesting elements of design or the design process


my favourite trailers, teasers & cinematics


focus on marketing materials: cool posters, steelbooks, etc.


my conversations with game developers, creators, writers


visual comparison of related games or other media

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17th April 2016

EGX Rezzed 2016 Game Highlights

16th March 2016

BAFTA Games Awards 2016 Nominees

23rd October 2015

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